ESmedo – Translation and Language Services

ESmedo is a translation agency in Barcelona that offers comprehensive translation, proofreading and editing services. We specialise in legal, economic and business translations, mainly from Spanish or Catalan into all official European languages as well as Arabic, Russian, Chinese and other exotic languages.

We undertake sworn translations for individuals, lawyers, procurators, public companies and institutions. These are official translations that bear the seal of a translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Catalonia or the courts and authorities of other countries. Sworn translations are required for processing the following documents: academic dossiers and degrees, marriage, birth or death certificates, affidavits, court resolutions, company articles of incorporation, etc. ESmedo belongs to the QTN (Quality Translation Network) network of linguistic services providers and guarantees the quality and security of your processes through the OTM (Online Translation Management) project management system. OTM is an online software programme in accordance with international standard ISO 9001 whereby, through a personalised control panel for each client, the entire translation process is managed – from the initial quotation request to the final delivery of the translated files.


  • Proofreading of translations
  • Document editing
  • Website localisation and translation Layout and desktop publishing (DTP) services
  • Technical translation
  • Sworn translation
  • Legal translation